Friday, 9 December 2016

PewDiePie Delete Channel on 50 Mil Subscribers

PewDiePie said he will delete his youtube channel in protest against youtube declining views and losing subscribers when his channel reach 50 million subscribers.

The main reasons pewds mentioned, that why he is going to delete his youtube channel is as follows:

1. youtube unsubbing you from a channel even though you didn't unsub.
2. videos not appearing for the person you subscribed to.

Pewds is also pissed about the sub feed that youtube had before, and know the bombared users with recommended videos feed.

pewdiepie will delete his channel

Here is PewDiePie Original Video DELETING MY CHANNEL AT 50 MILLION.

We just checked pewds subscriber count and it seems he is way above than 50 million.


Let's see what happen's as bro army is curious.

#pewidpie delete channel
#pewdiepie deleting channel 50 Million
#pewdipie will delete his channel

Friday, 25 November 2016

PewDiePie Visited Las Vegas for the First Time

Yes, Bro Army you heard that right, our pewdiepie along with some friends hit the vegas casinos to play some card and slots. We think its first time pewds ever visited the place since he look really shocked by seeing all the glamour and colorful hotels in the city.

Pewdiepie in las vegas

As always pewdiepie put a twist to the city name and called it "Les Veguss".

You can check pewdiepie original tweet here

#pewdiepie las vegas
#pewdiepie les veguss
#pewdiepie las vegas trip
#pewdiepie las vegas selfie

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Are Pewdiepie and Marzia Married?

Everybody has only one question "are pewdiepie and marzia married?" ever since they watched pewds and marzia together in youtube videos. Pewdiepie never announced or spoke about it in his videos nor their is a proof that they are dating. But it is fact that they are always together on trips, visits to other countries and more, seems more like they are together, good friends and just having some fun.

There was also some story roaming around on the web about pewdiepie and marzia breakup, but it was just a hoax not true.

Let see how much more time pewdiepie will take to finally propose marzia officially, bro army is pretty anxious for that news.

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Sunday, 30 October 2016

What is PewDiePie Net Worth?

Everybody have only one question in mind, what is pewdiepie net worth, how much money pewds make from Youtube. The answer is simple enough its total of 78 million US Dollars, yes you heard that right its more than UberHaxorNova's net worth of $5 million and HolaSoyGerman's $7 million dollar.

Pewdiepie is considered as King when it comes to Youtube and making big bucks on it. No one can even come close to beat him currently, this is mainly due to his large following known as Bro Army, and incredibly interesting and humorous videos.

pewdiepie net worth

Pewdiepie even posted a video some months ago on his official youtube channel, about all the fuss about how much money pewdiepie make.

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Friday, 28 October 2016

Halloween Update for PewDiePie Tuber Simulator

It's halloween and pewdiepie didn't forgot about his fans and bro army, if you loved pewdiepie's tuber simulator, now you can enjoy halloween upgrade for the game. just update the game on your android or iOS phones, or if you don't have it yet, download it directly from android and apple store.

Pewds recently announced the halloween update for tuber simulator in one of his tweets on official twitter account.

Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator Halloween

Rest assured you will love pewdiepie's tuber simulator.

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

PewDiePie Tuber Simulator is Out Now!

Pewdiepie long waited simulation video game by the name "PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator" is out now and you can download and play it. The game already topped charts with 3 Mil download in the first week of release and the numbers are growing daily. Pewds joked about it by posting on his official twitter account by saying "Fucke  3 mil downloads. This is getting out of control, im not teq support lol"

pewdiepie tuber simulator

Pewdiepie is already followed by 1 million bros in the game, and looking forward to more. if you didn't followed him in the game, do it now.

pewdiepie tuber simulator success

You can download pewdiepie tuber simulator from google play store and apple store below:

Download PewDiePie Tuber Simulator for Android
Download PewDiePie Tuber Simulator for iOS

#pewdiepie tuber simulator
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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

PewDiePie Twitter Account Hacked!

Does pewdiepie twitter account got hacked, seems like it though, We just visited pewds official twitter account which is, now showing a person with a name of "Malcolm 1466" and a last tweet posted yesterday saying "pedipi sux", haha, look like another pewds hater is pissed at him.

pewdiepie official twitter hacked

We didn't heard from pewdiepie regarding this incident, or maybe he is just messing with the bro army, lets hope for the best.

#pewdiepie official twitter
#pewdiepie twitter account
#pewds twitter account hacked

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

PewDiePie Driving License on Ebay for Sale

PewDiePie driving license is on sale on ebay, anyone want to grab it can now purchase it from there. Pewds found his driving license which is actually just a novelty item for sale on ebay yesterday and wasn't happy. Poods posted the image of ebay page with his driving license on his official twitter account.

pewdiepie driving license ebay

#pewdiepie driving license
#pewdiepie sweden driving license
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Sunday, 4 September 2016

PewDiePie Got Un-Verified on Twitter

Pewdiepie got un-verified on twitter after a mishap. That happened when earlier on twitter pewdiepie show his allegiance to radical islamist group ISIS. Which was ofcourse done as joke by pewdiepie. But boy,oh boy, thing escalated quickly when various reputable blogs and communities posted about the tweet and portrays it negatively.

Why did Pewdiepie Joined ISIS.

pewdiepie ISIS

Where was pewdiepie on the day of 9/11? #LOL

Pewdiepie also posted a response on his official youtube account.

#pewdiepie joined ISIS
#pewdiepie isis
#pewdiepie twitter unverified

Saturday, 3 September 2016

PewDiePie Doing a Polygraph Test!

Pewdiepie just announced on his official twitter account that he will be doing a polygraph test and he need bro army help to ask him questions! So go ahead and fire your questions toward pewds and i am sure he will be happy to share the answers with everyone.

We will also love to see if Marzia Pewdiepie long time girlfriend will also be involve and participate in polygraph test.

pewdiepie polygraph test

You can ask polygraph questions from pewdiepie here

#pewdiepie polygraph test
#pewdiepie polygraph
#pewds polygraph test

Sunday, 28 August 2016

PewDiePie Want Instagram Diamond Plaque!

After Diamond Play Button from Youtube! Pewdiepie now going for instagram Diamond Plaque, and need bro army help to help him achieve this goal. We know that getting verified on instagram is one of the toughest tasks and can't be done easily, but Pewds always do unbelievable stuff and with the power of bro army on his side, pewds can achieve anything he want.

Official tweet by PewDiePie for Instagram Diamond Plaque!

pewdiepie instagram official

#pewdiepie instagram
#pewdiepie instagram diamond plaque

Saturday, 20 August 2016

PewDiePie Getting Impatient Now Youtube!

Pewdiepie is getting impatient now about the new game that will be featuring him, he tweeted saying "when will this stupid game coming out" and "why is it now out already" being a member of bro army, we love pewds enthusiasm and know how tiring it can be to wait for something.

pewdiepie video game

Here is pewdiepie original tweet:

pewdiepie twitter official

#pewdiepie video game
#pewdiepie new game
#pewdiepie bro army
#pewdiepie twitter

Sunday, 14 August 2016

New PewDiePie Video Game Launch?

As you all know pewdiepie already has a vidogame of his own named "legend of bro fist" but pewds not going to stop there because he has unlimited cash flow, money and the power of bro army.

He is developing a new video games, not by himself ofcourse but probably working along with the developing company to make it awesome.

Pewdiepie has mentioned the development of his new video games on his official twitter account saying "New PewDiePie game coming soon! Guess what it's about?"

pewdiepie new videogame

Pewdiepie Official Twitter Account tweet here

pewdiepie official twitter

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Send PewDiePie Cringe Videos Youtube

Pewdiepie is asking all his fans and bro army to send him the worst cringe videos so he can compile the greater ones into one and post it to youtube for fun. Pewds recently tweeted this on his official twitter account @pewdiepie.

All you need to do is send poods his worst youtube cringe video or any video that fall in the category with one line describing why it is the worst.

Pewdiepie Cringe Video Youtube

Now start tweeting those video toward pewdiepie.

#pewdiepie cringe video
#pewdiepie official youtube
#pewdiepie official twitter

PewDiePie Can't Stop Playing Pokemon Go

Seems like pewdiepie can't stop playing pokemon go. Pewds recently tweeted about his addiction to the game, by saying "I swear, I can stop whenever i want!!". with the picture attached showing pewdiepie captured pokemon's with their CP, which is just of ridiculous amount.

#pewdiepie pokemon go

PewDiePie Bought New Car

Pewdiepie bought a new car, yes you heard that right, and its not a Nissan its a "Nisson". Pewds enjoyed riding in the car with his friends and made a epic video about it as well.

Pewds nisson new ride

Pewds mentioned that the reason of creating this video was to show how much he is impressed with all the youtubers who buy new expensive cars for themselfs from their hard earned youtube monies (sarcasam).

pewdiepie nisson car

Recently we noticed lot of youtubers showing their extravagant cars i.e. FaZe member Nordan Shat and etc,

MY NEW CAR - Pewdiepie Deleted Video by minggaming
Watch Pewdiepie new car video above.

#Pewdiepie car
#pewdiepie new car
#pewdiepie nisson

Friday, 17 June 2016

PewDiePie Ask Question from Anime Fans

Pewdiepie has asked a question from anime fans in the bro army and his twitter followers.

One simple question: If I was an anime character what would I be? "

pewdiepie bro army anime

You can select any of these answers below:
1. Senpai-loving schoolgirl
2. Bird Wrong Lawyer 4 Japan
3. Fighting Pug Trainer
4. Reluctant Mech Pilot

Just go to pewdiepie official twitter tweet here

#pewdiepie twitter
#pewdiepie bro army
#felix bro army

PewDiePie Evicted by LandLord Without Notice

PewDiePie again capture the news by getting kicked from his home by the landlord. This time even with  more thrill breaking news. Pewds was making a video when his landlord dropped by to see what is that loud noise and where it is coming from, to its surprise it was coming from felix apartment. Next Day Pewdiepie got kicked by his landlord without even a prior notice.... no surprise there!

Felix Aka Pewdiepie tweeted about the incident on his official twitter account:

"To be clear: I made a video, landlord thought I was having g@y s3x. Comes down to call us faggots. Next day evicted w/o previous notice."

pewdiepie evicted by landlord

#pewdiepie evicted
#pewdiepie noise complaint
#pewds evicted from home

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

PewDiePie Finally Got Diamond Play Button

Thanks to the bro army and their unique way of twitter hashtag spamming, pewdiepie finally received a diamond play button from youtube. Pewds expressed his gratitude towards his fans by saying because of them he received finally what he really wish he have long time ago.

PewDiePie Diamond Play Button

His official twitter post says:

"This is thanks to YOU for spamming that . Thank you all!! (And ôヮô)"

pewdiepie twitter

In another news just the day before pewdiepie received his diamond play button from Youtube. Another famouse youtube who goes by the name of "HolaSoyGerman" teased Pewd about getting two diamond buttons.

HolaSoyGerman Diamond Play Button

#Pewdiepie diamond play button
#Pewds Diamond Button Youtube
#Pewds Bro Army

Sunday, 5 June 2016

PewDiePie Kidnapped and Beard Removed

PewDiePie got kidnapped, had his beard removed and tortured by some of his fans. Apparently they didn't liked pewdiepie hippie look after all. The incident happen live on camera and uploaded minutes after to YouTube.

We are just kidding bro's. Apparently pewdiepie got this interesting idea and created the video.

PewDiePie Kidnapped

You can also watch pewdiepie kidnapping video on Youtube:

#PewDiePie Kidnapped
#PewDiePie Beard
#Pewds Kidnap
#Poods Kidnap

Monday, 30 May 2016

PewDiePie Plays Snakes SLITHER.IO

Yesterday pewdiepie played snakes in SLITHER.IO. The good part is with custom pewds skin. Pewdiepie enjoyed playing the game and also tweeted about it.

pewdiepie lets play

Just like always haters came ruining pewds fun. and the one of them was "Jacksepticeye"

He replied to pewds tweet by saying:

"getting your own skin in Slither is so old by now!! Stop copying me"

pewdiepie haters

probably one of the worst and mean tweet reply we ever seen. get a life "jack"

But as always pewds as a fun guy he is replied with a cute tweet.

pewdiepie tweet

Also in another news pewdiepie also change his twitter name to "PooPiePie"

#pewdiepie haters
#pewds custom skin
#pewdiepie lets play

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Is Youtube Diamond Play Button Real?

Pewdiepie has a questions Is Youtube Diamond Play Button even Real? Pewds recently tweeted about this on his official twitter account.

Pewdiepie tweet say:

"Does anyone actually have one? Is the diamond play button actually real? Has YouTube made us all go insane?"

pewdiepie diamond play button

Pewds and his fans actually think that Youtube is pranking them because the button is not even real and it was they will probably gotten four of them by now.

Well one thing for sure the diamond play button is real but we have some serious doubt about it whether Youtube give it permanently to someone or its just a promotional stunt by youtube.

In a response to PewDiePie tweet other famous gaming youtuber "elrubius" said:

" Bruh, me and got it for 10minutes and YT took it away from us "

pewdiepie diamond play button

Lets cross our fingers that pewds will get four of diamond play buttons soon, or youtube is in for lots more spam from poods fans.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Pewdiepie Still Waiting for Diamond Button

The popular youtuber with 44 Mill Subscriber is till waiting for his diamond button. I think youtube is in the process of making a extra special button for PewDiePie aka Felix.

Recently twitter is exploded with the trend #givepewdshisdiamondplaybutton

PewDiePie fans are sad along with us that why their inspiration didn't get a diamond play button yet.

And Yet why not give the man 4 of them, he deserve it with 44 Million and most subscribed and viewed channel on Youtube.

Here are some series of tweets from PewDiePie:

"time to unbox my Youtube diamond play button!"
PewDiePie Youtube Diamond Button
"Dear @YouTube These are my demands"

"make youtube great again #givepewdshisdiamondplaybutton"

Also Youtube Official Twitter Account Replied with this tweet:

PewDiePie was proud of his fans support:


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Pewdiepie tweeted about Warcraft Movie

Seems we are not the only one's excited about the upcoming warcraft movie. Pewdiepie tweeted about the trailer of the movie and and said he is totally amused to heard this news.

After last week Assassin's Creed trailer now this...totally epic.

pewdiepie warcraft movie

Check put pewdiepie official tweet here

Warcraft Movie Trailer in HD

#pewdiepie warcraft trailer
#warcraft movie trailer
#warcraft movie trailer hd

Pewdiepie posted Youtuber Lifer Video Game!

pewdiepie recently posted about a video game "Youtuber life" as funny as the name is pewds was really not impressed with the game.

The video game portrays famous youtube creators life by putting them in their shoes to know how they spend their days making content every single hour.

As always pewdiepie has made the video game much more interesting by making a lets play video of it and we are sure that it will also helps the creators to boost some sales.

pewdiepie youtuber life

Check the original pewdiepie tweet here

#pewdiepie youtuber life
#pewdiepie lets play
#pewdiepie playing video games
#pewdiepie life
#pewdiepie rich

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Pewdiepie flight didn't lead to Exit

Pewdiepie got stuck in gatwick airport after arriving from (Safari in Madagascar with Marzia) just kidding.... actually from a trip to new york. And unfortunately for him the exit he taken didn't lead to the one he planned and landed him toward toilets...... cute pewds was embarrassed and in fun mode too to post it on his twitter account.

pewdiepie in uk

Original tweet can be found here.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

PewDiePie Tweeted about UnCharted 4

Pewdiepie recently tweeted about uncharted 4 videogame and appreciated the developer and team of making it super cool and awesome. one of his tweet says:

"Uncharted 4 is the kinda game that makes irl look bad"

pewdiepie uncharted 4
you can find the original tweet by pewdiepie here.

PewDiePie Bought Fastest Car on Earth!

Pewdiepie recently bought one of the fastest, coolest and super cool car available currently in the market, infact it was custom made due to pewds request. The car is so unbelievably fast that it make jet fighters and space shuttle look lame.

Alright we exaggerated it a lot. We know pewdiepie love simple stuff and not into showing of stuff. His simplicity can be seen by his new car.

Here is a fan made art of pewds and his new car which looks cool.

pewdiepie car

The art is created by Sam Jones one of pewds many fans.

You can find the original tweet here.

Monday, 9 May 2016

PewDiePie Enjoying Town of Salem!

Pewdiepie recently played a new game names "Town of Salem" actually a kickstarter project which pewds is supporting on his channel. Pewds enjoyed playing the game and was amazed how many imposters were playing it under his name because of that reason he named his character "pew die pej" but eventually get killed by the town people for conspiracy against them.

Check the original youtube video below:

Pewdiepie tweeted about this on his official twitter account:


Stay tuned for more pewds news and updates....

Friday, 6 May 2016

PewDiePie Appeared in Time Magazine!

Recently we posted about pewdiepie listed in Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People in the World List here

PewDiePie posted the pic of the magazine recently showing us how to look cool in the time magazine as well.

pewdiepie time magazine

One the cover of time magazine there is a awesome pic of Leonardo-di-caprio.

Original pewds tweet can be found here of the story!

PewDiePie Gif of the Day Inspiration!

PewDiePie Gif of the Day - Inspiration

#pewdiepie gif
#pewdiepie pictures
#pewdiepie funny
#pewdiepie lets play

Monday, 2 May 2016

PewDiePie Quitting Youtube Korean Drama

Pewdiepie maybe quitting Youtube to take part in Korean Drama, better not! because all the bro army and myself will be disappointed. Pewds recently spread the words via twitter tweet by saying he might quit youtube for korean drama.

PewDiePie Korean Drama
Original tweet can be found here

PewDiePie Wearing Sandal and Socks!

Pewds recently went out for some walk around the town wearing sandals and socks..... great combination. But will he going to be sued by doing this, probably not. Pewdiepie think otherwise and say he might get sued:

"Wearing sandals and socks, sue me"

pewds sandals and socks

Original twitter tweet here

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Pewdiepie T-Shirt Purchase Mishap!

Prediepie recently purchased two brand new t-shirts one with crying cat logo and one with the picture of w33d. Pewds talked about it in one of his tweets by saying:

"When u thought u were edgy enough to wear a shirt, but realized after purchase youre jist a lil crying b!tch"

pewdiepie tshirt

pewdiepie tshirt

Original tweet by pewdiepie is here

Friday, 29 April 2016

PewDiePie Legend of Bro Fist!

If you guys didn't checked out pewdiepie exclusive video game "Legend of the Bro Fist" go play it now. It is lot of fun. The videogame was created by a canadian gaming company along with pewdiepie.

Legend of the Bro Fist has lots of glitches, which was left intentionally by the developer and you can exploit them to make the video game experience even more better.

Pewdiepie legend of the brofist

Available on steam here