Sunday, 28 August 2016

PewDiePie Want Instagram Diamond Plaque!

After Diamond Play Button from Youtube! Pewdiepie now going for instagram Diamond Plaque, and need bro army help to help him achieve this goal. We know that getting verified on instagram is one of the toughest tasks and can't be done easily, but Pewds always do unbelievable stuff and with the power of bro army on his side, pewds can achieve anything he want.

Official tweet by PewDiePie for Instagram Diamond Plaque!

pewdiepie instagram official

#pewdiepie instagram
#pewdiepie instagram diamond plaque

Saturday, 20 August 2016

PewDiePie Getting Impatient Now Youtube!

Pewdiepie is getting impatient now about the new game that will be featuring him, he tweeted saying "when will this stupid game coming out" and "why is it now out already" being a member of bro army, we love pewds enthusiasm and know how tiring it can be to wait for something.

pewdiepie video game

Here is pewdiepie original tweet:

pewdiepie twitter official

#pewdiepie video game
#pewdiepie new game
#pewdiepie bro army
#pewdiepie twitter

Sunday, 14 August 2016

New PewDiePie Video Game Launch?

As you all know pewdiepie already has a vidogame of his own named "legend of bro fist" but pewds not going to stop there because he has unlimited cash flow, money and the power of bro army.

He is developing a new video games, not by himself ofcourse but probably working along with the developing company to make it awesome.

Pewdiepie has mentioned the development of his new video games on his official twitter account saying "New PewDiePie game coming soon! Guess what it's about?"

pewdiepie new videogame

Pewdiepie Official Twitter Account tweet here

pewdiepie official twitter