Friday, 27 May 2016

Pewdiepie Still Waiting for Diamond Button

The popular youtuber with 44 Mill Subscriber is till waiting for his diamond button. I think youtube is in the process of making a extra special button for PewDiePie aka Felix.

Recently twitter is exploded with the trend #givepewdshisdiamondplaybutton

PewDiePie fans are sad along with us that why their inspiration didn't get a diamond play button yet.

And Yet why not give the man 4 of them, he deserve it with 44 Million and most subscribed and viewed channel on Youtube.

Here are some series of tweets from PewDiePie:

"time to unbox my Youtube diamond play button!"
PewDiePie Youtube Diamond Button
"Dear @YouTube These are my demands"

"make youtube great again #givepewdshisdiamondplaybutton"

Also Youtube Official Twitter Account Replied with this tweet:

PewDiePie was proud of his fans support:


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