Saturday, 28 May 2016

Is Youtube Diamond Play Button Real?

Pewdiepie has a questions Is Youtube Diamond Play Button even Real? Pewds recently tweeted about this on his official twitter account.

Pewdiepie tweet say:

"Does anyone actually have one? Is the diamond play button actually real? Has YouTube made us all go insane?"

pewdiepie diamond play button

Pewds and his fans actually think that Youtube is pranking them because the button is not even real and it was they will probably gotten four of them by now.

Well one thing for sure the diamond play button is real but we have some serious doubt about it whether Youtube give it permanently to someone or its just a promotional stunt by youtube.

In a response to PewDiePie tweet other famous gaming youtuber "elrubius" said:

" Bruh, me and got it for 10minutes and YT took it away from us "

pewdiepie diamond play button

Lets cross our fingers that pewds will get four of diamond play buttons soon, or youtube is in for lots more spam from poods fans.

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