Sunday, 31 July 2016

PewDiePie Bought New Car

Pewdiepie bought a new car, yes you heard that right, and its not a Nissan its a "Nisson". Pewds enjoyed riding in the car with his friends and made a epic video about it as well.

Pewds nisson new ride

Pewds mentioned that the reason of creating this video was to show how much he is impressed with all the youtubers who buy new expensive cars for themselfs from their hard earned youtube monies (sarcasam).

pewdiepie nisson car

Recently we noticed lot of youtubers showing their extravagant cars i.e. FaZe member Nordan Shat and etc,

MY NEW CAR - Pewdiepie Deleted Video by minggaming
Watch Pewdiepie new car video above.

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