Friday, 17 June 2016

PewDiePie Evicted by LandLord Without Notice

PewDiePie again capture the news by getting kicked from his home by the landlord. This time even with  more thrill breaking news. Pewds was making a video when his landlord dropped by to see what is that loud noise and where it is coming from, to its surprise it was coming from felix apartment. Next Day Pewdiepie got kicked by his landlord without even a prior notice.... no surprise there!

Felix Aka Pewdiepie tweeted about the incident on his official twitter account:

"To be clear: I made a video, landlord thought I was having g@y s3x. Comes down to call us faggots. Next day evicted w/o previous notice."

pewdiepie evicted by landlord

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#pewds evicted from home

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