Monday, 30 May 2016

PewDiePie Plays Snakes SLITHER.IO

Yesterday pewdiepie played snakes in SLITHER.IO. The good part is with custom pewds skin. Pewdiepie enjoyed playing the game and also tweeted about it.

pewdiepie lets play

Just like always haters came ruining pewds fun. and the one of them was "Jacksepticeye"

He replied to pewds tweet by saying:

"getting your own skin in Slither is so old by now!! Stop copying me"

pewdiepie haters

probably one of the worst and mean tweet reply we ever seen. get a life "jack"

But as always pewds as a fun guy he is replied with a cute tweet.

pewdiepie tweet

Also in another news pewdiepie also change his twitter name to "PooPiePie"

#pewdiepie haters
#pewds custom skin
#pewdiepie lets play

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