Friday, 29 April 2016

PewDiePie Legend of Bro Fist!

If you guys didn't checked out pewdiepie exclusive video game "Legend of the Bro Fist" go play it now. It is lot of fun. The videogame was created by a canadian gaming company along with pewdiepie.

Legend of the Bro Fist has lots of glitches, which was left intentionally by the developer and you can exploit them to make the video game experience even more better.

Pewdiepie legend of the brofist

Available on steam here

Pewds Brazilian Life Guard Outfit!

Recently Pewds posted on his twitter a funny brazilian life guard costume photo which he has to wear for a shoot. If you guys know pewdiepie is shooting a exclusive youtube red horror show.

pewds brazilian life guard costume

Pewdiepie expressed his humor by saying:

Todays shoot was so weird it even weirded me out, which has never happened before.

Original tweet here

PewDiePie Channel Turned 6 Years!

Congratulations to PewDiePie and all bro's. Pweds youtube channel turned six years today! and it is time for some celebrations...

Poods tweeted the good news today and expressed his emotions on getting such achievement and support from the bro army!

Pewdiepie twitter

Pweds Mommy will be proud!!!

Original twitter tweet here

Pewdiepie Got a Noise Complaint Warning!

Recently we cover the story of how pewdiepie got kicked out from his house (here). Now in another news pewds got a official noise complaint warning stating if he or the tenant in the house didn't stop inappropriate behavior strict action will be taken against them.

Pewdiepie is known to play games while commenting on them, we are sure his neighbors are not gamers and don't accept what he is doing.

pewdiepie complaint

Support poods by sending him support and love on his twitter account.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

PewDiePie Apologizes for Gay Jokes!

PewDiePie the internet sensation, Youtube RockStar has admitted that he was little immature in his earlier lets play video games youtube videos where he every now and then says a gay joke especially in games like "Happy Wheels".

Pewds posted a video this week for his 43.5 million followers and saying:

“I really don’t like that,” he said. “But I feel like back then I didn’t understand. I was so immature, and I thought things were funny just because they were offensive.”

Original Story can be found here

Pewds Calls Out KSI

Recently pewds call out KSI and b!tched slapped him by the statement saying "Going to KSI for advice about "how to act online" is about as useful as asking Toby Turner for relationship advice."

After this PewDiePie is super awesome now!!!

Bro's will be proud!!!


Original pewdiepie twitter post can be found here.

Pewdiepie is disappointed Bro Army

Really sad news pewdiepie recently posted on tumblr about how disappointed he is because of some bad bro's who are making fun of a disabled person while he is trying everything to help her. PewDiePie recently met with a mother of fan through make-a-wish foundation.

PewDiePie posted the pics after the meeting which was sweet and fun. But turns out some of the bro's are idiots who make fun of a disabled person, and have no respect for anyone.

Pewds blocked and removed fans who participated in making fun of the person, and publicily admitted he is ashamed of his fans for such behavior.

pewdiepie fan

Here is Pewds tweet about the news.

Original Tumblr Post can be found here.

Show that you are a true fan of pewdiepie send some love to the family on the original facebook post here

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

PEWDIEPIE Started Working Burger King!

Pewdiepie is so dissapointed by google adsense clickthugh rate that he started working in Burger King Now!!! This means long hours of work and no more youtube videos for bro army. Nah we are just kidding and felix is too. But he sure is broken hearted by google adsense earning recently.

Check out his original twitter post about it here.

PewDiePie 100 Most Influential Times!

Its been a great honor for pewdiepie and all his bro army. Pewds has been listed by times magazine in 100 Most Influential people in the world. Wow just Wow. We know we love pewdiepie and love him so much but this honor is something no one has expected. You can find original pewdiepie twitter post about it here.

Times Magazine PEWDIEPIE

The Original times magazine article can be found here.

Pewds Caught by Landlord Got Kicked!!!

An unfortunate and funny news for bro's while creating his latest VR Youtube Video PewDiePie got little way more excited as he used to and start making annoying and fuuny noises while playing virtual reality video games. Turns out his landlord was not impressed and after hearing the voices he tried to peep through pewds house window and what he say nearly give him a heart attack. You can check what he saw below:

latest pewds video

and the screenshot youtube video is also below:

Landlord decided to kick PewDiePie!!! Check the twitter post here by pewds.

Pewdie Need Bro's Your Opinion

Pewdiepie just posted this on his twitter and say he need all bros opinion on the art. These looks amazing, and felix looks cute. the art is pretty much well done whoever made it Nice Job... There are two pewdiepie images one in colors and other without any colors black and white. Obviously drawn as PewDiePie Sketch!


Another one is in color:


we hope you enjoyed both images, do comment what you bros think.

Pew Die Pie Just Got Little S3xier!

Pewdiepie aka Felix post these on the twitter today. We all know felix is fan of art and draw and do lots of editing in his youtube videos, so these must be from him. Nevertheless they are good and he looks cute.

pewdiepie fan art

another one is here:

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Original story you can check here on his twitter account.