Thursday, 28 April 2016

Pewdiepie is disappointed Bro Army

Really sad news pewdiepie recently posted on tumblr about how disappointed he is because of some bad bro's who are making fun of a disabled person while he is trying everything to help her. PewDiePie recently met with a mother of fan through make-a-wish foundation.

PewDiePie posted the pics after the meeting which was sweet and fun. But turns out some of the bro's are idiots who make fun of a disabled person, and have no respect for anyone.

Pewds blocked and removed fans who participated in making fun of the person, and publicily admitted he is ashamed of his fans for such behavior.

pewdiepie fan

Here is Pewds tweet about the news.

Original Tumblr Post can be found here.

Show that you are a true fan of pewdiepie send some love to the family on the original facebook post here

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  1. there are bad eggs everywhere, that's not pewdiepie fault.