Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Pewds Caught by Landlord Got Kicked!!!

An unfortunate and funny news for bro's while creating his latest VR Youtube Video PewDiePie got little way more excited as he used to and start making annoying and fuuny noises while playing virtual reality video games. Turns out his landlord was not impressed and after hearing the voices he tried to peep through pewds house window and what he say nearly give him a heart attack. You can check what he saw below:

latest pewds video

and the screenshot youtube video is also below:

Landlord decided to kick PewDiePie!!! Check the twitter post here by pewds.


  1. landlord will be like, what the hell is going on in here, lol

  2. I can't even begin to imagine the power felix has. One word, one name, on address, and his ex-landlords life would be over in about a week. Noone would employ him anymore, nobody will work with him, he would loose all the people who live in his house, he would recieve thousands of death threats. In the end, felix probably has the power to end this guys life - and I'm talking about his fanbase here, not his money.

    Shoutout to you felix, for keeping him anonymous.

  3. ohhhhh the hate will be raining upon the landlord. rip landlord.

  4. Had nothing to do with what the landlord saw. The exact moment that caused the guy to lose his patience is this: https://youtu.be/GWMa_7rKgbk?t=388

    You can tell by his hair and the position of things around the room. Oh, and the fact that he spends 20 seconds screaming like a banshee.

    There's a telling edit at 6.50, which cuts out the landlord moment and jumps to the aftermath where Pewds' mood has changed. He's fixed his hair and is plainly feeling more sober after being visited only minutes earlier.

    Pewds tempted fate just before his screaming fit, saying "screw Marzia, screw my Youtube channel, f*** the whole world!". then he gets sucked into being a VR Holodance dragon forever and needs rescuing. Looks like it was the dragon addiction and tempting fate that was the downfall of his old office.